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iPhone 3G, 3GS screen repair centre Canterbury. Need advice, we are always happy to help, you can call or visit us @

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iPhone 3g or 3gs Repair Canterbury Kent

If you’re looking for an iPhone repair centre in Canterbury Kent, to help ensure your iPhone 3g or 3gs always operates at its peak performance, then Atlantis is here for you, we always provide the best service available, at the best prices.

As the cost of iPhone 3g or 3gs have now dropped, we try to ensure our prices are at least half that of a used Phone, our iPhone 3g screen repairs are now only £35, not only do we change the glass , but we will also fit a new speaker, home button and frame to, helping to give your iPhone a new lease of life.

Our iPhone repair experts have fixed 1000s of iPhones, both old and new models, we are here waiting to help you, if your need an iPhone screen repair we can do this as your wait, set aside around 10 minutes, and your will walk away with a phone that looks as good as new, we also offer a range of other repairs for the iPhone 3G or 3GS , we have listed the most common below,  for others just give us a call but most are now only £35, we will even beat any other Uk price by £5, and offer a one year warranty on your repair when new parts are fitted


IPhone 3,3gs Screen Repair

The iPhone 3 has a two layer screen, if you have broken your glass or digitizer we will fit a new screen in just 10 minutes, and best of all we will give you a 1 yr warranty
iPhone 3G,3GS Screen £29.99
IPhone 3g,3gs Side Switch Repair
The side switch on the iPhone 3 often fails, or jams, this is not a problem, we can have fix it.
iPhone 3 Side Switch £29.99
IPhone 3G,3GS Water Damage 
Water does not have to be the end of your iPhones life, we can often clean and repair any damage in less then 3 days
iPhone Water Damage £Call
IPhone 3GS Home Button Repairs 
We can install a new home button for you, these also come free with our screen repairs, and take around 10 minutes
iPhone 3 Home Button £29.99
IPhone 3g, 3gs Battery Repair
Do you find you iPhone battery now only last a few hours before needing a charge, then you need a new battery, all our battery repairs include a 1 year warranty
iPhone Battery Repair £29.99
IPhone 3 Screen Conversion 
We are able to supply and fit any colour screen you may like , give us a call and if we do not have it we can get it in 3 days. we can also change backs to
iPhone colour Conversion £29.99
IPhone 3 Volume Repairs
Does your volume button no longer work then we can resolve this by installing a new volume button.
iPhone 3 Volume £29.99
IPhone 3 Headphone Port Repair 
We can often repair your headphone jack for free pop in and we will take a look and see what we can do, even if you need a new port its only £35
iPhone 3 Headphone £29.99
IPhone 3 Speaker Repairs
Can you no longer hear people on the phone, or does your loud speaker no longer work, then this is the repair you need
iPhone Speaker Repair £29.99
IPhone 3g, 3gs back
As the back is only plastic it can often crack or become tatty looking, if you would like us to fit a new back to your phone, we can repair it in less then 24hrs
iPhone 3g,3gs Back £35