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iPhone 7/8 Screen  Repair  In Canterbury  Kent

The iPhone 7/8 includes a number of new features over other iPhone models, now including dual speakers, and a 12mp camera. Sadly they still break, and more often then not the screen is the first point of contact when we drop our beloved devices. Atlantis have replaced thousands of iPhone screens over the years and hope we will be your first call when your in need of help, we can replace your broken screen, making your phone look as good as new, we can also help with battery, charging and a large range of other faults with your iPhone 7, we are always also happy to offer free advice and will not charge for simple repairs such as a dirty charging port. All our repairs include a one year warranty on parts, and when no parts are needed a 3mth warraty, so why not visit us today at 155 Wincheap , Canterbuy, Kent CT1 3SE where we are always happy to help the best we can.

Repairs iPhone  7/8

Are you having problems with your iPhone speaker Atlantis in Canterbury Kent can help for just £29.99

volume repair

We can often repair home button issues free of charge whilst you wait, if a new part is needed this will be £29.99, with our one year warranty

home button

Home Button

Speaker / Mic Repair

Most water damaged iPhones can be repaired, please don't be tempted to leave it to dry as this will only lead to greater damage in most cases

iphone 3 water damage

Water Damage  Repair

iPhone  7 /8  Screen  Replacement


We only use premium screens for your iphone 7 or 8 repair, this is why we can provide a one year warranty on your new iPhone 7/8 screen, with free glass protector


The iPhone 7/8 plus with its larger screen is ideal for browsing the net, and keeping up with social media, however all it takes is one wrong drop to break,  we can help

 Only : £50

 Only : £50

iPhone  7 /8 Plus  Screen  Replacement

Battery Repair

Charging Port / Battery Repair

If your iPhone 7/8  is no longer charging it may need this repair, we will replace your charging port, and provide a 1 yr warranty with the new part, this issue can often be caused due to  dirt build up in the port, this is simple to resolve and is provided free of charge whilst you wait,, or it may need a new charging cable, this will be checked prior to the repair, a new cable can be provided for just £5

iphone power repair

On/Off Button

if you find your iPhone 7/8 on/off button no longer respnds or feels odd, then why not pop in and see us in our Canterbury iPhone repair shop, we can fit a brand new button into your device, all with a 1 year warranty for peace of mind

 Only : £35

 Only : £35

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