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iPhone 8 Screen Repair Canterbury Kent

The iPhone 8 looks very much like its predecessor the iPhone but includes some very handy upgrades, such as wireless charging , and up to a 25% speed increase. The iPhone X on the other hand is a new look without a home button, using new Samsung displays with a number of new functions

Atlantis iPhone repair in Canterbury Kent, are more then well equiped to help with any question or repair you may need, often at little or no ost.

We can fiix almost any fault you have, and complete most repairs such as batteries, screens or charging ports in 10 or 20 mins, for more information take a look below at our common repair prices or why not give us a call or pop in, we are always happy to answer your questions, and provide free advice


IPhone 8 Screen Repair

We will shortly be providing whilst you wait iPhone 8 screen repairs from our store in Canterbury, With a free screen protector and 1 yr warranty
iPhone 8 New Screen £99
IPhone X New Screen
If you have damaged your iPhone X screen, we can install a new one, we can source a number of colours so why not give us a call
iPhone X New Screen £call
IPhone 8 Liquid Damage Repair
Water and electronics never mix well, you fear the worse, well don't we can often get your iPhone back to life in 3-5 days
iPhone 8 Liquid Repair £Call
IPhone 8 Charging Port Repairs 
If your dock no longer works, always try a new cable first, if this does not resolve the problem then you need a new dock fitted, or a free clean ,we can help
iPhone 8 Dock Repair £29.99
IPhone 8 Battery Repair
If your iPhone 8 battery has failed, we can fit a brand new battery for you in less then an hour, this repair includes our 356 day warranty for peace of mind
iPhone 8 Battery £29.99
IPhone 8 Plus Screen Repair
One of the largest phones on the market, the iPhone 8 Plus is ideal for browsing the web
iPhone 8 Plus Screen £120
IPhone 8 Volume Button Repair
If you find you volume no longer works, or is stuck, then this repair is perfect for your iPhone 7
iPhone 8 Volume £29.99
IPhone 8 Headphone Jack Repair 
Often a headphone jack may be due to rubbish in the jack we can fix this for free, if not we can fit a brand new headphone jack for you
iPhone 8 Headphone Port £29.99
IPhone 8 Back
If you have damaged your iPhone 7 back, we can install a new one, we can source a number of colours so why not give us a call, and we will see what we can do
iPhone 8 Back £Call
IPhone 8 Side Mute Repair
We often see iPhone 8 with mute switch problems, we carry these in stock and can repair this quickly
iPhone 8 Vibrate Switch £29.99