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iPod Classic Repair Canterbury Kent

Are you looking for an iPod Classic repair in Canterbury Kent, would you like a quick same or next service , then you have come to the right place. Atlantis has been providing iPod Classic repairs for a number of years, in our iPod repair centre based in Canterbury Kent, we can repair any iPod classic from the first generation to the iPod video, We are well known for our quick service, and our low prices.

We offer a same and next day service for most of your iPod Classic faults, including screen, battery and headphone jack faults, we can even fix docking port faults, for a list of our more common repairs and prices in Canterbury please take a look at our price list below, for repairs not listed please give us a call.


IPod Classic Screen Repair

If you have a white screen, or lines on your iPod classic then we can fit a brand new screen in just a few hours from our repair shop in Canterbury, this comes with a 1 yr warranty
iPod Classic Screen £35
iPodClassic Click Wheel
If your unable to shuffle or play your favorite music, do not dispair as our iPod classic repair service can help
iPod Clack Wheel Repair £35
IPod Classic Water Damage
We will clean and remove any corrosion from your iPod classic, and fit new parts as needed
iPod Liquid Damage £Call
IPod Classic Dock Repair
If your iPod will no longer charge or play music on your docking device then this is the repair for you
iPod Classic Dock Repair £45
IPod Classic Battery Repair
Alot of things can effect your battery life, however if you feel you could do with a new battery then we can fit a new one in less then an hr
iPod Classic Battery £35
IPod Classic Headphone Port
Are you getting no sound from your iPod Classic, or sound from only one side, then we can fit a new headphone jack for you, and get you back to your favorite tunes
iPod Classic Headphone £35
IPod Classic Top Switch Repair
If your top slide switch is lose or stuck we can replace this for you, in just a few hours
iPod Classic Top Switch £35
IPod Classic Headphone Jack
The contacts can become warn with age on the iPod classic, however we can repair this with ease
iPod Classic Headphone £35
IPod Classic Colour Change
If you want to change your iPod classic colour, then this is an ideal choice, a new front and click wheel
iPod Classic New Front£45
IPod Classic Back
Has your old iPod classic back became dented or scratched , then we can fit a brand new back for you, this is a same day sevice to, so why not give us a try
iPod Classic Back £35