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We have been fixing Laptops for over 12 years, and are able to work on the circuit level, saving you hundreds over other Laptop repair shops, 98% of all laptops makes and models come under our fixed priced repair service

laptop repair canterbury kent

Laptop Screen Repair  Canterbury  Kent

Recent  Laptop Repairs Kent

Had a number of virus and spyware problems, we were able to resolve this with our health check and came to £35

hp laptop repair canterbury kent


Was shutting down due to a heat issue, we were able to just use a blower to clear the dust from the fan, no charge on this one

acer laptop repair canterbury kent


Toshiba C55 had a smashed screen, the parts we were able to get in next day , total cost to client £99

toshiba laptop repair canterbury kent


Your here because you have broken your laptop screen , we are here to help. We hear from people who have been told that it is unviable to repair laptop screens, well its not a laptop screen replacement will only cost a third of what a new laptop would cost, we provde a fixed priced screen repair service in 99% of cases, this inludes most makes and models anything from 15" upwards is likely to cost you £99, 10" to 14" only cost £75. We carry a number of screens in stock , and non stock we can have in less then 3 days. We have been repairing laptop screens in Canterbury for a number of years, we can replace your screen whilst you wait or you can leave your laptop with us to collect at a later date, All our screens include a 1 yr warranty against defects,

Toshiba Screen Repair

Toshiba are the make of laptop we would recommend more then any other, why because we hardly ever see them in for repair, and when we do it tends to be due to virus faults or simple hardware issues , the cost to repair a toshiba laptop is often just £35, If you have broken your Toshiba screen we can help, the average lcd screen repair being only £99


Dell Laptop Screen

If you have broken your dell laptop screen we can help, do not be fooled by some computer shops telling you that you must have a dell screen and pay hundreds for it, the truth is dell have never made their own screens, in fact most brands do not make their own screens, we can repair most dell laptop screens for £99 often same day


Samsung Laptop Screen

Samsung have been making their laptops very slim as of late, meaning the standard screens no longer fit, however this is no problem we can still repair your screen for just £99, you will just have a 2 - 3 day wait as we wait for parts


Sony Laptop Screen Repairs

You will find many laptop repair shops hear the name Sony and add an extra few pound to the bill, many sony owners expect to pay more for a repair due to them thinking it must use more expensive parts , its very unlikely that your laptop is not using a standard lcd / led screen , the same screens that will be used in Hp, or an Advent laptop, we will not charge you more just because of the sony name, the cost of your screen is most likely to be just £99


Hp Laptop Screen Repair

We see more and more Hp laptops with broken screens, the backs on the Hp and other brands are becoming thinner increasing the chance of a screen becoming broken due to an item being dropped on the lid, expect to pay £99 for this screen repair


Acer Laptop Screen Repair

We are authorised resellers for Acer laptops, we no longer tend to sale them as we find most people now buy online , however we still repair acer laptops, and with our reseller status you know your in save hands with your  acer laptop screen repair


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