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Pc Repair Canterbury, Kent. We are always happy to help, you can call or visit us @

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PC Repair Canterbury Kent

Based in the Cathedral city of Canterbury , Atlantis was established 12 years ago and has been helping our clients ever since, a lot has changed in those years, with faster and smaller PC's being introduced , we have seen it all and have adapted as and when needed

With its ever increasing population we believe Canterbury needs a Pc Repair company that can handle big or small jobs. You will not have two weeks waits with us, we can complete simple upgrades same day, and when full diagnostics are needed then 3 days, in these cases quicker is not always better, don't be fooled by other companies offering same day health checks, it’s just not possible to do this correctly and quickly, you have to ask are they running full hardware checks that take up to 20hrs, are they running full virus scans that can take 8 hrs, are they running malware scans that take hrs, and are they cleaning your system and performing system tweaks and updates, we doubt it, but we do, and we do it all for just £35 , as we believe that it is better to get the job done right first time to ensure you will come back next time.

Atlantis pride ourselves on offering affordable PC Repairs in Canterbury, Kent, we will only ever provide you with a professional and honest service, provided by Pc technicians with years of experience. We Know that you need your computer back as soon as possible, and we will always do our best to get your pc back to you as fast as we possibly can, so if you’re looking for a professional repair service for you poorly Pc you have came to the right place, we have listed some common repairs and prices below


Pc Virus Removal Canterbury

Have you got a PC virus, do you find your antivirus just isn't helping then we can help, we will remove any Pc virus & install a new antivirus suite
Pc Virus Removal £35.00
PC Password Removal 
Have you lost your windows password log in , do not worry we can reset this for you.
Password Reset £20.00
Pc Upgrade Canterbury
If your looking to upgrade your PC give us a call we can provide a full price for parts and labour before we begin
Pc Upgrades From £35.00
Internet Problems
We can fix any software or hardware related internet issue, if the issue is with your line please contact your provider
PC Internet Issues £35.00
Hard Ware Diagnostics
Does you Pc seem to be a little noisy, are you worried your hard drive may fail then we can run a full hard ware check for you
Hard Ware Check £35.00
Hardware, Software , Reg,Virus and maleware checks & removal, we also clean any dust from your pc
Full PC Mot Only £35.00
Windows errors, or crashes
Many Windows faults are simple to resolve, we will fully check your system and in most cases resolve the fault at the below cost
Windows PC errors £35.00
Pc Speed Up
If your Pc is running slow then our Pc Mot will often increase your perfomance by aprox 25%-50%, however this will not resolve hardware issues
Your PC Speed Up £35.00