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Tv Repair Canterbury

ATLANTIS is the ideal choice for your TV repairs in Canterbury, we have fixed hundreds of TV’s over the years, with service technicians who have dealt with most makes and models of lcd TV’s including Samsung, Sony and LG. We have access to millions of new and used parts, and we will always do our best to repair the board rather than replacing it, keeping the price as low as possible.

Most models of TV’s have common faults so we can often give you a good idea of cost before we even start over the phone, or in store. All our TV repairs Canterbury include a 3mth warranty when used or no parts are needed, and a 1yr warranty when new parts are used, our average repair cost is just £75, and when new parts boards are needed £100 to £150, we will always be honest and advise if the repair is viable, before we go ahead. If you’re looking  for an inspection this can also be provided at just £15.

We have included some common TV faults and prices below, and of course we are always happy to help so please call or visit us if you have any questions

Tv Repair Canterbury Kent

Samsung Standby Fault
There is a well known fault with Samsung le tv's if you find that your Tv attempts to turn on then turns off we can help
Samsung TV Repair £75.00
Sony Ghost Effect or Lines
This may be caused by the Tcon or flex cables, in some cases the panel itself , we have fixed a number of these but inspection is needed
Sony TV Repair £75-£150
Philips No Picture
Do you have sound but no picture on your Tv then this is the repair for you, it tends to be a power or inverter issue, both we can fix
Philips Tv Repair £75-£150
LG Backlight No Picture
We now see a number of LG Tv''s with tcon issues, your tv will turn on but there will be no image, but the screen will have a backlight present
LG Backlight Issue £75-£150
Toshiba TV Won't Turn On
This tends to be a power board issue or solder issue on the Av board we can in most cases repair this without a board change
Toshiba Lcd Tv Repair £75
Hitachi No Sound
If you have picture and no sound then this is the repair for you, it tends to be just a dry solder issue which can be quickly fixed
Hitachi Tv Repair £75-£150